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Smith Corona PWP 4500PLUS PWP 4600 Typewriter Ribbon (2 Pack) Replaces 21000

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Item details

R73202 21000

More about this item

  • Black Correctable Film Ribbon

  • Compatible

  • Replacement For: Smith Corona 21000

  • Package of Two Ribbons

  • Fully Guaranteed

This ribbon works with the Smith Corona 235DLE, 240DLE, 250DLE, 300DLE, 335DLE, 340DLE, 350DLE, 400DLE, 435DLE, 440DLE, 450DLE, 530DLE, 535DLE, 540DLE, 600DLE, 635DLE, 640DLE, 650DLE, CXL4000, CXL4200, CXL4210, CXL4300, CXL4310, CXL4500, CXL4700, CXL5100, CXL5200, Deville 3, Deville 80, Deville 100, Deville 110, Deville 125, Deville 200, Deville 210, Deville 250, Deville 265, Deville 300, Deville 410, Deville 450, Deville 470, Deville 510, Deville 580, Deville 600, Deville 610, Deville 650, Deville 700, Deville 750, Deville 800, Display 900, DLD400, DLD435, DLD530, DLD535, DLD600, DLD635, DLE235, DLE300, DLE335, DWP-1, DX2600, DX3400, DX3500, DX3600, DX4000, DX4400, DX4500, DX4600, DX5000, DX6000, Mark 100, Mark 200, Mark 225, Mark 290, Mark 300, Mark 325, Mark 400, Mark I, Mark II, Mark V, Mark VI, Mark VII, Mark VIII, Mark IX, Mark X, Mark XI, Mark XII, Mark XV, Mark XVI, Mark XVII, Mark XVIII, Mark XX, Mark XXI, Mark XXII, Mark XXIII, Mark XXV, Mark XXVI, Mark XXX, SR1000, SR100C, PWP 3, PWP 5, PWP 5N, PWP 6, PWP 6BL, PWP 7, PWP 14, PWP 15, PWP 40, PWP 47D, PWP 50D, PWP 50LT, PWP 55D, PWP 57D, PWP 58D, PWP 60, PWP 65D, PWP 67D, PWP 75D, PWP 77D, PWP 78D, PWP 80, PWP 85DLT, PWP 87D, PWP 88D, PWP 90, PWP 100, PWP 100C, PWP 125, PWP 145, PWP 220, PWP 230, PWP 250, PWP 270LT, PWP 300, PWP 330, PWP 350, PWP 355, PWP 365, PWP 365DS, PWP 370LT, PWP 400, PWP 425, PWP 850, PWP 960, PWP 990, PWP 1000, PWP 1200, PWP 2000, PWP 2100, PWP 2200, PWP 2400, PWP 2500, PWP 3000, PWP 3100, PWP 3200, PWP 3600, PWP 3600DS, PWP 3700, PWP 3750, PWP 3800, PWP 3850, PWP 3850DS, PWP 4000, PWP 4300, PWP 4300P, PWP 4400PLUS, PWP 4500PLUS, PWP 4600, WP135, WP1000, WP1100, XD480, XD4600, XD4700, XD4800, XD4900, XD4950, XD5250, XD5500, XD5600, XD5700, XD5800, XD5900, XD5910, XD6500, XD6600, XD6700, XD7000, XD7500, XD7600, XD7700, XD7800, XD7900, XD8000, XD8500, XD9500, XDS5500, XE1600, XE1630, XE1950, XE5000, XE5100, XE5200, XE6000, XE6100, XE6200, XL1000, XL1500, XL1700, XL1800, XL1850, XL1900, XL2000, XL2500, XL2700, XL2800, XL2850, XL2950, XT2710 and many other typewriters.