Swartz Ink

Citizen IDP3541/IDP3541F/IDP3541P Printer Ribbon Black (3 Pack) Replaces IR61B

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Swartz Ink

More about this item

  • Black Nylon Ribbon
  • Compatible
  • Package of Three
  • Replacement For: Citizen IR61B, GRC E248 and Nu-kote BM337
  • Factory Fresh

This ribbon works with the Citizen CBM DP-600 Series, Citizen CBM-710, Citizen CBM-715, Citizen CBM-720, Citizen CBM-725, Citizen CBM-730, Citizen CBM-750, Citizen CBM-814, Citizen DP-600, Citizen DP-610, Citizen DP-610H, Citizen DP-611, Citizen DP-612, Citizen DP-612 G, Citizen DP-614, Citizen DP-617, Citizen DP-617 G, Citizen DP-617P, Citizen DP-622, Citizen DP-624, Citizen DP-627, Citizen DP-630, Citizen DP-650, Citizen iDP-3516, Citizen iDP-3520, Citizen IDP-3530, Citizen iDP-3530 F, Citizen iDP-3530 P, Citizen iDP-3535, Citizen IDP-3540, Citizen iDP-3540 F, Citizen iDP-3540 P, Citizen IDP-3541, Citizen iDP-3541 F, Citizen IDP-3541P, Citizen iDP-3545, Citizen iDP-3546, Citizen iDP-3550, Citizen iDP-3551, Citizen iDP-4530, Citizen iDP-4540, Citizen VLT - Gaming Printer