Swartz Ink

Casio CE3415 CE3500 CE3500 ER CE3530 ER Ink Roller Purple IR90 IR91 (2 Pack)

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Swartz Ink

More about this item

  • Purple Ink Roller
  • Compatible
  • Package of Two
  • Replacement For: IR90, IR91, IR92 and Nu-kote NR-100
  • Factory Fresh

This ink roller works with the Casio CE2100, CE2104, CE2208, CE3100, CE3115, CE3200, CE3215, CE3405, CE3415, CE3500, CE3500 ER, CE3530 ER, CE3535, CE3630, CE3640, CE3680, CE3700, CE3750, CE3815, CE3830, CE3880, SR6, TK100, TK700, TK710, TK1000, TK1100, 3400ER, 3404ER, 3407ER, 3408ER, 3500ER, 3508ER, 3530ER, 4404ER, 4420ER and 4430ER cash registers.