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"Package of Six" Canon Calculator Ribbon, Black and Red

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This ribbon works with these Canon calculators:

Canola P-1015D, Canola P-1213D, Canola P-1215D, Canola P-1421D, Canola P-1440D, Canola SP-1260P, CP-120D, CP-1000, CP-1003D, CP-1008, CP-1008D, CP-1010, CP-1013D, CP-1018D, CP-1025D, CP-1200, CP-1200D, CP-1201D, CP-1202, CP-1203D, CP-1214, CP-1216D, CP-1218D, CP-1220D, CP-1223D, CP-1230, CP-1231, CP-1233D, CP-1240, CP-1250D, CP-1260D, CP-2000, CP-2010, CP-2030, DP-1211D, EP-102, MP-18D, MP-20DH, MP-21D, Mp-21D II, MP-21D III, MP-21DV, MP-21DX, MP-22D, MP-23D, MP-24D, MP-25D, MP-25D III, MP-25DV, MP-27D, MP-31D, MP-31D II, MP-31DH, MP-41DH, MP-49D, MP-142R, MP-1210D, MP-1211D, MP-1211DE, MP-1211DL, MP-1211DLE, MP-1216, MP-1217, MP-1218, MP-1411D, MP-1411DL, MP-1420, P-104D, P-105D, P-106D, P-123D, P-124D, P-125D, P-126D, P-1010D, P-1011D, P-1205D, P-1210D, P-1211D, P-1212DH, P-1213D, P-1213DH, P-1215D, P-1251, P-1410D, P-1411D, P-1420D, P-1421D, P-1440D, P-1441D, P-3010D, P-3210D, P-3211D, P-3220DL, P-3420DL, P-4220D, P-4420D, PR-121 and TX-50 II. Or you could just ask.

"Package of Six"

Black and Red Nylon

Twin Spool

C-Wind Calculator Ribbon